Tanya Wallis | About

Hey there... Welcome to my website!

A little about me: 
I'm a passionate Photographer and Digital Artist who is always on the lookout for more inspiration, and trying to help inspire others.

One of my greatest passions is the pursuit of dreamscapes, conceptual art, landscapes and what I call 'Mindscapes'. I have always loved taking photos and creating, so when I was introduced to photoshop it opened up a rabbit hole of possibilities, and I found my muse to play alongside.

Other things I get up to?
I love being part of people realising their own creative dreams at the worldwide Master/Apprentice Photography School The Arcanum. And while you used to be able to find me on their weekly Photography Show MGAPXL, you can now find me creating and collaborating with the amazing Karen Hutton and galavanting around the world on 'The Artist's Voice' Photography workshops/retreats. And also collaborating in The Inspirarium store over at KarenHutton.com.
You can also find me out photographing special events, weddings, corporate shots, and creating promotional videos and materials for local businesses and social media ;) 

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Thanks so much for popping by!

-Tanya x


"I want to move beyond what the camera sees to what my mind thinks it sees" - Mark Kelly