The Inspirarium has opened it's doors... Come get some freebies!!

May 08, 2015  •  1 Comment

It's my absolute pleasure to introduce you to, and welcome you through the doors of.... (drum roll please) 
The Inspirarium!


For the past 6 months or so Karen Hutton at and I have been furiously working away, like squirrels gathering 'nuts' for the winter... Well the 'nuts' part is actually closer to the truth than we'd like to admit! ;)

With our marriage of minds, we have created a little haven of sorts. A shop for all things Inspiring! Well a home for a few of our favorite things anyway. We have specially crafted, and regularly use all these photographic tools ourselves, so we couldn't be more excited to finally share them with you!

For the grand launch we have created a special pack of three of our favorite textures hues and clouds for you to take home for free!



We love before and afters.. It kinda like pimp my ride.. or renovation blitz.. So check out some of the other 'before and afters' that are listed with the packs in the store. 


Hip hop over to The Inspirarium shop. Grab some free stuff, & sit down and put your feet up while you look around :)


Check out Karen's blog while you're there, and don't forget to sign up to the newsletter to get more info, inspirational tidbits, and free stuff direct to your inbox!! :)







Les Imgrund(non-registered)
Hey Tanya!

I must admit I am a little embarrassed to only see this now! Sorry! What an awesome idea! This is what I love about what can happen with The Arcanum. Awesome work and ideas! 8-))
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