Go find out whats underneath your proverbial waterfall

March 06, 2015  •  5 Comments


As much as 'some' inspirational writing and the all too common related euphemisms make me a little sick to my stomach sometimes, I do love a good metaphor. So bear with me on this one! :) 

So, I went out on a photo-walk with my mate Mark (Ned) Kelly a couple of days ago. And can I say, it was spectacular! I still can't walk properly three days after the fact, but more on that in a second. We went to check out '40 foot falls' near Mittagong on the Southern Highlands of New south Wales, and what a peaceful, contemplative place it was. It summed up all that I have been striving for lately and was an overwhelming experience that somehow made me feel solid and secure in regards to the way things in my life were heading. The photos from the day were just a bonus!



In the last few months, things have really been going from strength to strength. As you may already know, I have landed a wonderful job doing what I love, with people that I love, and being able to share things like this with like other minded people like you, is so great I can't even begin to explain how it feels!



So as with my path I now seem to be walking, this waterfall also had glorious undiscovered gems that were just waiting to be found. Underneath, behind the veil of crystal clear water, was where the magic lay. So much life, hidden out of sight. Protected from view. Waiting for someone to steal a glimpse, and capture the experience.


Now lets just say, for a person as unfit as me, the journey in and out of the valley was challenging at best. Mark was very patient, stopping for me numerous times for a 'drink break', and listening to my constant whinging. And at the top of the first section, which included countless steps (and a ladder) leading out of the valley, sat a sign... it read

 40 foot falls - 1km → 

Holy Moley Batman! 1km of steps! Glad I didn't see that sign on the way in. But it was so worth it. If I knew how hard the walk back out would be, I may not have attempted it. Very happy I did!



Wounded but happy, I then went and checked out MKImages gallery in Bowral. Wow. I was blown away. Awesome stuff! Totally recommend anyone travelling through to go check it out and say g'day to Ned. It was so inspiring to see his photographs on the walls and hear the stories behind the images, both in capturing and in printing and framing. He was so humble about it all too. A great guy! See more of Mark's stuff on his website



So while there is no actual moral to this story. I could go on with things like "With hard work, comes big rewards" or "If you reach outside your comfort zone... " yada yada... but.. I wont...




But I am very proud of where I have come in the past year, and the amazing friends I have made on my journey, and these little gold nugget experiences just cement it in my mind, that I am in fact, moving in the right direction, and it feels great!

Have you had any signs to show what the universe is planning for you?



Tanya Wallis
I wish I could reply to comments on here! (hint hint zenfolio!)

Thank you Dave!

And Ned! You're a champion! And I would totally do it all again in a heartbeat. I may not even whinge as much next time ;) hehe
Dave Garber(non-registered)
Wow, such beautiful images!! Great job Tanya!
Thanks for the great wrap Tanya, I'm glad you thought the effort was worth it - I did warn you it was a bit of a episode to get too...
Love your images, the treatment is fab!
Tanya Wallis
Thank You Lauri!! For sure! I too was thinking of 'Just go ahead.. Leave me here on this rock to die please!" haha
Thank you my friend for being such an integral part of my last 12 months, and I'm sure for many more years to come. :) x
Lauri Novak(non-registered)
Tanya - this is so inspirational and the images are GORGEOUS!!!! I'm trying to figure out the answer to that what the universe is planning for me right now.

As for the "If I knew how hard the walk out would be" - makes me recall a hike in Hawaii with my hubby - I sooooo had to go to where the trail ended to see and photograph, but the return was brutal (to me). Pretty sure I told him to just leave me there at some point!

I can't express to you how thrilled and honored I am to have been part of this last year with you. Can not wait to see where it all leads us!!

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