Wait there a minute... back up please... I mean backup!

February 08, 2015  •  2 Comments

So, I have been thinking about the whole issue of backing up your precious data for a while now, but I recently read an email from photographer Scott Wyden Kivowitz about how important backing up your data can be, and I felt the need to share this thought with you.
As Scott says, There are some pretty cool devices that do this so seamlessly these days. Including this 
WD Wireless Passport device. Which automatically grabs all your precious moments, after you insert your sim card. 
How cool is that! Yep.. Add it the long list of wanted stuff = Check!

A topic I really should have paid attention to earlier it seems...

On a recent trip in 2014 to New Zealand, I made the gravest of mistakes.

I tried backing up my images, on the road, to my tablet. It all worked fine, but I started running out of space on my memory cards in my camera. So I started deleting the files off the sticks because they were already backed up on the Nexus tablet.
Little did I realise, every time I backed up it would replace the older files with the same name, as my old camera restarted the file sequence when images were deleted from the SD card.

So in short, I was just very elaboratively, deleting my own pictures of my trip as I went!

So it seems, that thinking on your feet.. or on the road.. is not the wisest of decisions.. And one that I've learned well.
And although I don't miss what images I didn't see, I miss the 'possibilities' of those images, some of which included a shoot of baby seals under a picturesque waterfall mind you!!!

.. focusing on the future but taking past lessons with me. :D

Have a great week!~


Tanya Wallis
haha Thanks Lauri!
Lauri Novak(non-registered)
Good lesson - hard to learn. :)

Love this image also - that texture looks a little familiar and works really well here! (But you know that cuz that's why you used it!)
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