Well I'm standing here, all exposed, but I love the view!

December 07, 2014  •  9 Comments

Hi there, and welcome to my First EVER blog post!

Thanks so much to my cohort of gorgeous fellow photographers over at The Arcanum, (khutt butts) and my family and friends for helping me get to this point. I officially have a website!!! Woot Woot!

I have officially built my brand and channeled my inner business woman to help me (she's pretty inexperienced by the way) and voila!
I present to you..... (drum roll.....) tanyawallis.com! 
Feel free to leave me a message!

Thanks again for all your support! I really owe it to all of you to dedicate my first blog post to you! Yes YOU!


Dougie the Audior(non-registered)
Hi Tanya. Great pictures and website. Thanks for making a dull trip informative and interesting.
Jack Thatcher(non-registered)
Love this image Tanya. Congrats on the blog and beautiful site!!!
Lauri Novak(non-registered)
Well how the hell did I miss this???
Freddy Enguix(non-registered)
Really cool design Tanya! I already told you... congratulations! looks amazingly good!
Dave Garber(non-registered)
Yay!!!! Looks like you have taken flight!
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