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The Inspirarium!


For the past 6 months or so Karen Hutton at karenhutton.com and I have been furiously working away, like squirrels gathering 'nuts' for the winter... Well the 'nuts' part is actually closer to the truth than we'd like to admit! ;)

With our marriage of minds, we have created a little haven of sorts. A shop for all things Inspiring! Well a home for a few of our favorite things anyway. We have specially crafted, and regularly use all these photographic tools ourselves, so we couldn't be more excited to finally share them with you!

For the grand launch we have created a special pack of three of our favorite textures hues and clouds for you to take home for free!



We love before and afters.. It kinda like pimp my ride.. or renovation blitz.. So check out some of the other 'before and afters' that are listed with the packs in the store. 


Hip hop over to The Inspirarium shop. Grab some free stuff, & sit down and put your feet up while you look around :)


Check out Karen's blog while you're there, and don't forget to sign up to the newsletter to get more info, inspirational tidbits, and free stuff direct to your inbox!! :)






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What if 'Happily Ever After' started with the word '...mostly' http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2015/4/what-if-happily-ever-after-started-with-the-word-mostly
What if 'Happily Ever After' started with the word '...mostly'? 

Would you still strive for the 'somewhere at the end of the rainbow' with the same gumption if you knew the pot of gold at the end had lumps of coal in it as well? When all your wildest dreams come true, will you have the time to think about being low on milk? Or have to worry about electricity prices? Or the car breaking down? Or rain ruining your picnic?

Yes... Times like these will still weigh on our minds and make us feel powerless to try and stop losing control of any given situation. I'm sure it wouldn't matter if you had all the money/family/success in the world,

You WILL still cry on occasions, get furious, be frustrated, and feel you self worth dwindle.... but its in the down times that our will keep us moving. Moving forward, moving sideways, getting up from the couch, it doesn't really matter, as long as we're moving.

I know I feel motionless and numb when I hit rock bottom, and the s#it can pile up fast. I have no advice on how to deal with it when it hits the fan, but I do know I have to try to concentrate on what exactly keeps me moving. My family and the things I love, and why I cherish it all. Of course we can be happy with our accomplishments and relish in our successes, but only when we truly accept that any failures and disappointments in our lives are as much of a constant as the good things, only then will we start to be content. It takes hard work to be happy.


I have had people say to me lately "You're so lucky! Doing what you love every day" and yes, believe me when I say, I am the last one to forget that fact, but what happens when you have days when you don't absolutely adore doing what you love? What happens on a bad day in paradise?
Do you question your dreams?
Do you doubt your expectations on what you really want?
Yes! Why? Because you want to keep moving, you want to keep dreaming and hoping it will get better. Where was that disclaimer in the manual on life? Live your dreams! Happily/mostly or occasionally ever after.


Dont get me wrong, I want the fairytale, but the more I think about it, while trying not to pout my lips and stomp my foot, I realise I am loving the journey even more than the destination. Sometimes I have to tell myself that I AM enjoying it, even if I have to stop and get off at certain train stations to change trains, or go back for my bags.


Expectations are our worst enemies, but dreams and aspirations are the fillings in our pie, the chocolate peanuts in our cookies (yes Dave and Michelle Garber... That was a blatant hint for some of your home made goodness) The cream for our cake, the custard in our square... Okay, stop drooling, you get the idea... Our lives WOULD still exist if we didn't have them, true, albeit much more boring without them there to help drive us forward. 


So, for now, I will keep my eyes on the horizon... For my feet already know how to walk straight, and if I do fall down, I will try to keep my chin up, to avoid it scraping on the ground. 

-TW :)

(Tanya Wallis) Happiness is next to you http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2015/4/what-if-happily-ever-after-started-with-the-word-mostly Sat, 04 Apr 2015 05:44:23 GMT
Go find out whats underneath your proverbial waterfall http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2015/3/go-find-out-whats-underneath-your-proverbial-waterfall


As much as 'some' inspirational writing and the all too common related euphemisms make me a little sick to my stomach sometimes, I do love a good metaphor. So bear with me on this one! :) 

So, I went out on a photo-walk with my mate Mark (Ned) Kelly a couple of days ago. And can I say, it was spectacular! I still can't walk properly three days after the fact, but more on that in a second. We went to check out '40 foot falls' near Mittagong on the Southern Highlands of New south Wales, and what a peaceful, contemplative place it was. It summed up all that I have been striving for lately and was an overwhelming experience that somehow made me feel solid and secure in regards to the way things in my life were heading. The photos from the day were just a bonus!



In the last few months, things have really been going from strength to strength. As you may already know, I have landed a wonderful job doing what I love, with people that I love, and being able to share things like this with like other minded people like you, is so great I can't even begin to explain how it feels!



So as with my path I now seem to be walking, this waterfall also had glorious undiscovered gems that were just waiting to be found. Underneath, behind the veil of crystal clear water, was where the magic lay. So much life, hidden out of sight. Protected from view. Waiting for someone to steal a glimpse, and capture the experience.


Now lets just say, for a person as unfit as me, the journey in and out of the valley was challenging at best. Mark was very patient, stopping for me numerous times for a 'drink break', and listening to my constant whinging. And at the top of the first section, which included countless steps (and a ladder) leading out of the valley, sat a sign... it read

 40 foot falls - 1km → 

Holy Moley Batman! 1km of steps! Glad I didn't see that sign on the way in. But it was so worth it. If I knew how hard the walk back out would be, I may not have attempted it. Very happy I did!



Wounded but happy, I then went and checked out MKImages gallery in Bowral. Wow. I was blown away. Awesome stuff! Totally recommend anyone travelling through to go check it out and say g'day to Ned. It was so inspiring to see his photographs on the walls and hear the stories behind the images, both in capturing and in printing and framing. He was so humble about it all too. A great guy! See more of Mark's stuff on his website



So while there is no actual moral to this story. I could go on with things like "With hard work, comes big rewards" or "If you reach outside your comfort zone... " yada yada... but.. I wont...




But I am very proud of where I have come in the past year, and the amazing friends I have made on my journey, and these little gold nugget experiences just cement it in my mind, that I am in fact, moving in the right direction, and it feels great!

Have you had any signs to show what the universe is planning for you?


(Tanya Wallis) experience highlands southern travel waterfalls http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2015/3/go-find-out-whats-underneath-your-proverbial-waterfall Sat, 07 Mar 2015 04:17:14 GMT
Explore The Elements – Travel Photoblogging Challenge http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2015/3/explore-the-elements-travel-photoblogging-challenge So I was nominated to enter this really cool contest for travel-photobloggers.

Quote from the Thomas Cook Explore the Elements photo blogging Competition

..."It’s all about capturing and expressing the four elements through travel photography..."

The four elements being Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Yes, I'm starting to feel like "Captain Planet', he's our hero... (Cuts off her own singing in her head.. but feel free to continue singing along here)

So I thought I would start with Earth!

And where else but at the place people call the 8th wonder of the world! Milford Sound New Zealand.
The fiordland boat cruises are the best way to take in the view of the sheer mountainous rock faces that rise 1,200 metres (3,900 ft) or more straight out of the water on either side. This earth here is so young and precarious, that the roads in and out of the sound are known for their frequent avalanches, as the rock giants move and adjust to growing pains.



The next element is Water. And The Lake Wanaka Tree in New Zealand is a sensational example of this element. It has sustained the times and the tides and still stands with its roots beneath the surface. The serenity at this place is amazing. the water laps on the shores of this ginormous lake, that stretched as far as the eye can see, and it looks to engulf everything and anything its its way. The murky depths home to anything you could imagine. Even the crow wants to make for higher ground here.


I have decided that for my Fire Element Photograph to portray the only thing that sometimes stands between that raging beast and our lives. The firefighter. This is at Coolangatta NSW Australia, but can be anywhere in the world.
To stand with such defiance and passion, and match the rage and fury of the blaze head on, takes a bravery and courageous soul indeed! With the tentacles licking at the next thing to consume, the power of the fire is one not to be reckoned with. Yet the Firefighter stays on. thank you.


And last but not least... The life giving force, the thing we least notice but cant possibly live without... Air.
Oh to be light as it? Or to evaporate into it. The air we breath is as much a part of us as we are of it. At Byron Bay NSW near the Queensland border this sky and outlook awaits. To paint my dream into this image was to, in fact, soar through it. To be without the ties of gravity to hold me down, anything is possible. :)

So with that said. I have to nomintate 5 travel phoblographers..

1. Dave Garber - 
2. Coralie Bell - http://www.glassmagnolia.com.au/#!blog/crkt
3. Lisa Speakman - http://wiseminds.com/lisaspeakman/blog/
4. Margaret Gaines - http://www.alaskagaines.net/ 
5. Lauri Novak - http://www.laurinovakphotography.com/blog


See more at http://www.thomascook.com/blog/holiday-competitions-deals/explore-the-elements/

The official hashtag of Explore the Elements is #exploretheelements. Follow the hashtag to view competition entries and keep up with conversation about the contest!

(Tanya Wallis) Competition Four elements http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2015/3/explore-the-elements-travel-photoblogging-challenge Tue, 03 Mar 2015 07:26:11 GMT
Wait there a minute... back up please... I mean backup! http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2015/2/wait-there-a-minute-back-up-please-i-mean-backup So, I have been thinking about the whole issue of backing up your precious data for a while now, but I recently read an email from photographer Scott Wyden Kivowitz about how important backing up your data can be, and I felt the need to share this thought with you.
As Scott says, There are some pretty cool devices that do this so seamlessly these days. Including this 
WD Wireless Passport device. Which automatically grabs all your precious moments, after you insert your sim card. 
How cool is that! Yep.. Add it the long list of wanted stuff = Check!

A topic I really should have paid attention to earlier it seems...

On a recent trip in 2014 to New Zealand, I made the gravest of mistakes.

I tried backing up my images, on the road, to my tablet. It all worked fine, but I started running out of space on my memory cards in my camera. So I started deleting the files off the sticks because they were already backed up on the Nexus tablet.
Little did I realise, every time I backed up it would replace the older files with the same name, as my old camera restarted the file sequence when images were deleted from the SD card.

So in short, I was just very elaboratively, deleting my own pictures of my trip as I went!

So it seems, that thinking on your feet.. or on the road.. is not the wisest of decisions.. And one that I've learned well.
And although I don't miss what images I didn't see, I miss the 'possibilities' of those images, some of which included a shoot of baby seals under a picturesque waterfall mind you!!!

.. focusing on the future but taking past lessons with me. :D

Have a great week!~

(Tanya Wallis) backup data kicking learn mistakes ones self http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2015/2/wait-there-a-minute-back-up-please-i-mean-backup Mon, 09 Feb 2015 03:06:22 GMT
Building a Hope http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2015/2/building-a-hope Every day we live on our hopes and dreams, but do we take time to actually build them. To realise our dreams?

I am making a conscious effort this year to actively reach for those aspirations and hopefully morph them into reality, and bring them into my life.
So far... I am stoked to say.. Its working!

I was starting to find myself in between a rock and a hard place, but now, the rock is shifting, and although the destination is unknown, the path is laid out in front of me, and I can tell you, it's such a liberating feeling!

I have such exciting ventures (manifested from little pipe dreams in the back of my mind) that are now alive and in my future plans. 
There's some super exciting stuff, with amazing people, that I can't mention (just yet)
But I just wanted to thank the people who have helped me on my journey, and who are responsible for opening the doors, and most importantly I give thanks to my past self!
For reaching out and taking the plunge. For daring to try!
It is her that inspires me to keep forging forward.

Raise a glass and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it! And take that chance. Who knows... you might actually change something for the better!

(Tanya Wallis) dreams exciting future hopes inspire reality http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2015/2/building-a-hope Sun, 01 Feb 2015 09:17:50 GMT
Its just another day http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2015/1/its-just-another-day Hi-di-ho!

Now that its 2015 officially all around the world, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
If to you, the idea of a whole new year numeral means the slate is wiped clean and you can start fresh with your hopes, dreams and aspirations, then by all means go for it!

We don't ever need an excuse though, we can turn everything around and take up a direction each and every day! 
I wish your year to be full of not only accomplishments, but also hopes and dreams. Because I truly believe this is the life blood behind what keeps us living an inspired and full life!

Live - Love - Learn, but most importantly... Imagine! :D



(Tanya Wallis) Dreams Imagine Inspire happy new year http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2015/1/its-just-another-day Fri, 02 Jan 2015 01:53:35 GMT
Trey Ratcliff's Stamp of Approval http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2014/12/i-have-a-website-and-a-mailing-list Well I guess now its all official I can do the happy dance~!
I have a website. A blog. And a mailing list. 

Even the infamous Trey Ratcliff has commented on my brand new blog! hehe
Thanks Trey.

I have a super secret squirrel initiative in the works
called Imagine - Create - Share. Filled with freebies, tidbits and other cool things!
So subscribe to my updates to be the first to know the goods!
I promise never to spam you.

So go on. Jump on board. Sign up. All the cool kids are doing it! :)



* indicates required
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A Gathering of Trees - Book Launch http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2014/12/book Today is the official launch of my first book and eBook "A Gathering of Trees".
Video launch to follow.
This is a collection of images taken over the past few years of some trees around Australia and New Zealand.

For sale on blurb.com here - http://store-au.blurb.com/ebooks/509355-a-gathering-of-trees for $5.99 AUD 

Have a look at the preview and let me know what you think.
Tan :)

Book description Come explore the beauty of trees. Their form, their grace, their stories. In the first ever portfolio book from artist Tanya Wallis. "A Gathering of Trees" is packed with nearly 70 glorious colour and black and white images over 40 pages, with a few old quotes thrown in for good measure. Some dating back to as early as 600BC. Their is a compelling strength to be found in a solitary tree. Strong, endearing and triumphant, yet always at ease with its surroundings and forever reaching for the light.
Author website http://www.tanyawallis.com
Category Fine Art Photography
Language English
Keywords nature, Photography, Trees




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Well I'm standing here, all exposed, but I love the view! http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2014/12/well-im-standing-here

Hi there, and welcome to my First EVER blog post!

Thanks so much to my cohort of gorgeous fellow photographers over at The Arcanum, (khutt butts) and my family and friends for helping me get to this point. I officially have a website!!! Woot Woot!

I have officially built my brand and channeled my inner business woman to help me (she's pretty inexperienced by the way) and voila!
I present to you..... (drum roll.....) tanyawallis.com! 
Feel free to leave me a message!

Thanks again for all your support! I really owe it to all of you to dedicate my first blog post to you! Yes YOU!

(Tanya Wallis) http://www.tanyawallis.com/blog/2014/12/well-im-standing-here Mon, 08 Dec 2014 04:57:25 GMT