Hi there and welcome! 

A little about me: 
I'm a passionate Photographer and Digital Artist who is always on the lookout for more inspiration, and trying to help inspire others.

I love being part of people realising their own creative dreams at The Arcanum.
And while you used to be able to find me cracking a few jokes while chatting about images, camera gear and photo news on the weekly Photography show MGAPXL, I am loving creating and collaborating with the amazingly inspirational Karen Hutton on her 'Finding your Artistic Voice' workshops/retreats, and alongside her in The Inspirarium store.

One of my passions is the endless pursuit of dreamscapes, conceptual art, landscapes and what I call 'Mindscapes'. I have always loved taking photos and creating, so when I was introduced to photoshop it opened up a rabbit hole of possibilities. I found my muse to play alongside.

What I once thought impossible is now becoming more achievable in my photography and I'm just so grateful that I can share it with others. 

A friend of mine Mark Kelly says it well... "I want to move beyond what the camera sees to what my mind thinks it sees"

Thanks so much for popping by!